A Living Legacy: The Shining of Eternal Life

Conferences in Memory of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

October 19th 2013

Conference in memory of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

On the Tenth Anniversary of his Death

A one day conference will be held in London on Saturday October 19th 2013, dedicated to Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh.

The conference is being organised by the Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Foundation and will be the fifth Western European conference to be held in his memory. It will reflect on the influence of his spiritual vision on our contemporary situation. We will look at different aspects of his legacy: the ‘shining of eternity’ which filled him and bore witnessto the reality of Divine Love; and personal ‘encounters with eternity’, in which that Divine Love breaks into and transforms our own lives.


  1. ‘Christianity: Vision and Practice’

Gillian Crow, London

  1. ‘The Tree of Life & The Tree of Knowledge’

Father Michael Evdokimov

Rector, Parish of St Peter & St Paul, Paris

III. ‘Divine Love in the Eye of the Storm’

Alexander Ogorodnikov,

Moscow, Russia

  1. ‘The Final Word is Life’

Freke de Graaf, Moscow, Russia


The conference will take place at St Sava’s Church Hall,

89 Lancaster Road, Kensington, London, W11 1QQ