Beauty and Meaning by Metropolitan Anthony Bloom

MASF book launch on September, 30, 2023

The Church of St Andrew, Holborn

5 St Andrew Street. London EC4A 3AF


13:00-13:30        Arrivals

13:30-14:00        Introduction

14:00-15:00        Bishop Rowan Williams speech and Q&A

15:00-15:30        Panikhida for Met. Anthony

15:30-16:45        Refreshments and sale of books


Parish of the Dormition of the Mother of God

17:00-19:00        Vigil

17-19 September 2021, Moscow, Russia

8th International Conference on the Legacy of Metropolitan Anthony

Languages: Russian and English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

‘In Greek, “crisis” means “judgment”. Throughout history we have been in a state of crisis, that is, under the judgment of history, which is ultimately God’s actions towards us. Every era is a time of crashes and renewals. All that seems to be will perish; all that is false will perish. Only the whole, the true will stand, only what really is will stand, and not what merely seems to be.’

Metropolitan Anthony

In Memoriam Father Peter Scorer

In Memoriam Father Peter Scorer

15 October 1942 – 11 September 2020

On 11th September we will mark the anniversary of the death of our beloved Father Peter, who for many years was the Chairman of the Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Foundation, for which he worked tirelessly.

‘The Challenge of Love’

‘The Challenge of Love’

Conference on the legacy of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

Date to be announced

King’s College London

The ‘Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Foundation’ is happy to announce its ninth conference on the legacy of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh. Its theme, ‘The Challenge of Love’, will explore Metropolitan Anthony’s understanding of the sacrificial nature of divine love, its challenge to us and what it asks of us in our encounter with others and with God.


Chaos and Beauty

Conferences in Memory of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

October 26, 2019

We think of chaos as a tragic state resulting from the disintegration of harmony and order. Metropolitan

Anthony speaks of chaos as the primeval state of the world, out of which Cosmos (Beauty) emerged, a creative chaos pregnant with infinite possibilities which have not yet unfolded to the full. He asks how we can respond to this chaos, which frightens us, but is also ‘a depth, a chaos within that longs to

find expression.’

This conference will look at how his idea of chaos as potentiality relates to our experience of life, of God, of one another and the world.

In the Eye of the Storm

Conferences in Memory of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

NOVEMBER 19, 2016

‘We are part of a fallen world, and it is in and through this turmoil that we must find our way. We are walking on the sea on which St Peter walked, and we meet Christ at the very centre of the storm, the point of equipoise of all its violence.’

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

The Glory of God is a Man Fully Alive

Conferences in Memory of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

November 15 - 16, 2014 - King’s College London

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

Centenary Conference

The Glory of God is a Man Fully Alive’ 

St Irenaeus of Lyons

These words of St Irenaeus, quoted so often by Metropolitan Anthony, speak of a fullness of life which he himself never ceased trying to live.

He spoke of it in many different ways — as the ‘radiance of God’ which shines through a person who has reached the full potential of his being; as love which is ‘the abundance of triumphant life, a life… so deep and absolute that it can pour itself out without thinking of the risk, the danger or the loss.’ He himself had in great measure this fearless plenitude of life, and the gift of inspiring others to seek it. But he was in no doubt about the courage and daring, the transparency and human vulnerability needed to attain it. And he urged that what it required of us above all was to be human, to take our place not only ‘under the shelter of the wings of God’ but where things are tragic, in the eye of the storm.

A Living Legacy: The Shining of Eternal Life

Conferences in Memory of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

October 19th 2013

Conference in memory of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

On the Tenth Anniversary of his Death

A one day conference will be held in London on Saturday October 19th 2013, dedicated to Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh.

The conference is being organised by the Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Foundation and will be the fifth Western European conference to be held in his memory. It will reflect on the influence of his spiritual vision on our contemporary situation. We will look at different aspects of his legacy: the ‘shining of eternity’ which filled him and bore witnessto the reality of Divine Love; and personal ‘encounters with eternity’, in which that Divine Love breaks into and transforms our own lives.


Metropolitan Anthony: Pastor and Priest

Conferences in Memory of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh


No one can turn toward eternity if he has not seen in the eyes or on the face of at least

one person the shining of eternal life.

‘I must be in your midst His witness and herald, His proclaimer, His apostle’

These words, spoken by Metropolitan Anthony in reference to the vocation of St Paul, could well describe his own deep sense of vocation. From the earliest days of his conversion to Christ he never ceased to bear witness to the exultant joy of what he had discovered. And throughout his life as pastor and priest he was an instrument, a voice, for the ‘Word of God’, which in his own words, ‘illumines our minds and makes of us not only preachers, but witnesses of God’s Kingdom’.

Through this witness he brought us the Gospel and a truly Orthodox understanding of ourselves, each and all, Church and people.

The Search For Peace with God, our Neighbour and Ourselves

Conferences in Memory of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh


No one can turn toward eternity if he has not seen in the eyes or on the face of at least one person the shining of eternal life.

The peace He gave was that peace which the world cannot give

This peace of which Metropolitan Anthony spoke, — a peace that was the gift of God, the out-pouring of His divine love — filled him in such a way that people who met him, believers and un-believers alike, were themselves filled with the longing to seek it. How can we open our hearts to receive this peace? How can we make peace with ourselves, with our neighbour, and with God? These were concerns central to his vision and teaching. In his own words:‘The problem between man and man and between man and God is that of establishing divine peace, peace in the name of God, peace which is not built on mutual attraction or sympathy, but which is built on our common sonship, our common Lord, and our human solidarity . Divine and human love must be summed up first of all in the establishment of the right relationship with

God, with men and also with one’ s self.’