Metropolitan Anthony: Pastor and Priest

Conferences in Memory of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh


No one can turn toward eternity if he has not seen in the eyes or on the face of at least one person the shining of eternal life.

‘I must be in your midst His witness and herald, His proclaimer, His apostle’

These words, spoken by Metropolitan Anthony in reference to the vocation of St Paul, could well describe his own deep sense of vocation. From the earliest days of his conversion to Christ he never ceased to bear witness to the exultant joy of what he had discovered. And throughout his life as pastor and priest he was an instrument, a voice, for the ‘Word of God’, which in his own words, ‘illumines our minds and makes of us not only preachers, but witnesses of God’s Kingdom’.

Through this witness he brought us the Gospel and a truly Orthodox understanding of ourselves, each and all, Church and people.

I. ‘Metropolitan Anthony: A Paradox of Peace and Fire’

Father Michael Fortounatto Professor of Liturgical Musicology St Sergius Theological Institute, Paris

II. ‘Gospel Reading in Metropolitan Anthony’s Pastoral Teaching’

Father Michael Evdokimov Rector, Parish of St Peter & St Paul, Paris

III. ‘Metropolitan Anthony: Parish Priest in Britain’

Karin Greenhead ,St Andrew Holborn, London

IV. ‘Eucharist and Communion in the Thought of Metropolitan Anthony’

Dr Amal Dibo Professor of Civilisation, American University, Beirut

Round Table: Encounter with Christ

M.A. preached Christ as a Person with whom we can have a dialogue, and who loves us unreservedly, not as Master but as Friend. How can we respond, and bear witness to, this love?

Chair: Karin Greenhead

Panel: Father Michael Fortounatto, Mariamna Fortounatto, Father Michael Evdokimov, Dr Amal Dibo, Elena Sadovnikova