‘The Challenge of Love’

Conference on the legacy of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

28/29 November 2020

King’s College London

The ‘Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Foundation’ is happy to announce its ninth conference on the legacy of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh. Its theme, ‘The Challenge of Love’, will explore Metropolitan Anthony’s understanding of the sacrificial nature of divine love, its challenge to us and what it asks of us in our encounter with others and with God.

In his own words:

‘The Challenge of Love’

I think one could define love not as a sentiment or an emotion but say that love is the abundance of triumphant life, a life which is so intense, so fulfilled, so deep and absolute that it can pour itself out without thinking of the risk, of the danger or of the loss, the gift of self which is at the same time the triumph of life in oneself.

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh


I. Dr Rowan Williams Magdalene College Cambridge


II. Very Rev Dr John Behr University of Aberdeen


III. Dr Mary Cunningham Oxford


IV. Professor Paul Joyce King’s College London


V. Professor Ben QuashKing’s College London


And others to be confirmed


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