Chaos and Beauty

Conferences in Memory of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

October 26, 2019

We think of chaos as a tragic state resulting from the disintegration of harmony and order. Metropolitan

Anthony speaks of chaos as the primeval state of the world, out of which Cosmos (Beauty) emerged, a creative chaos pregnant with infinite possibilities which have not yet unfolded to the full. He asks how we can respond to this chaos, which frightens us, but is also ‘a depth, a chaos within that longs to

find expression.’

This conference will look at how his idea of chaos as potentiality relates to our experience of life, of God, of one another and the world.



Father Dragos Herescu (Cambridge)

Mary Cunningham (Oxford)

Revd Dr John Binns (Staffordshire)

Revd Deborah Walton (Staffordshire)


October 26, 2019

St Sava’s Church Hall 89 Lancaster Road, London W11