The Search For Peace with God, our Neighbour and Ourselves

Conferences in Memory of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh


No one can turn toward eternity if he has not seen in the eyes or on the face of at least one person the shining of eternal life.

The peace He gave was that peace which the world cannot give

This peace of which Metropolitan Anthony spoke, — a peace that was the gift of God, the out-pouring of His divine love — filled him in such a way that people who met him, believers and un-believers alike, were themselves filled with the longing to seek it. How can we open our hearts to receive this peace? How can we make peace with ourselves, with our neighbour, and with God? These were concerns central to his vision and teaching. In his own words:‘The problem between man and man and between man and God is that of establishing divine peace, peace in the name of God, peace which is not built on mutual attraction or sympathy, but which is built on our common sonship, our common Lord, and our human solidarity . Divine and human love must be summed up first of all in the establishment of the right relationship with

God, with men and also with one’ s self.’

I. Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself

Irina von Schlippe Founder Director of St Gregory’s Foundation, London

II. Freedom to be Oneself

Father John Marks, Parish of the Holy Prophet Elias, Exeter/Combe Martin

III. Confession: Finding Peace with God

Father Michael Evdokimov Rector, Parish of St. Peter & St. Paul, Paris

IV. Not Peace but a Sword?

Dr. Avril Pyman, PHD, FBA Reader Emeritus, Durham

V. Through Peace to Love?

Father John Lee, St. Andrew Holborn, London


Round Table: ‘The Practice of Peace’

How do we bring the peace of God into everyday life? How do we discern between ‘true’ and ‘false’ peace?

Chair: Karin Greenhead

Panel: Amal Dibo, Father Michael Evdokimov, Dr. Avril Pyman